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VAN MIU – Brand story

Van Miu (real name Đào Cẩm Vân) is a talented beauty blogger and makeup artist who specializes in creating content related to makeup and styling on various social media platforms. She is a unique, creative, and bold girl who showcases her talent and personality through a diverse range of makeup transformation videos.

The brand name Van Miu carries the meaning of “Passion, Professionalism, and Dedication”. These are the values that Van Miu wishes to convey to young people – to embrace challenges, overcome difficulties, pursue their passion, and pursue their work with the utmost enthusiasm. All efforts will quickly help you achieve success.

Cô nàng đa tài Vân Miu


To become one of the leading Master Makeup Artists in Vietnam, with a focus on Special Effects Makeup – an area that is still very new in Vietnam.

Bringing your enthusiasm and talent for makeup to inspire those who are passionate about makeup as well as help everyone to be more beautiful and confident.


To provide everyone with the opportunity to access professional makeup services. Train generations of high-quality Makeup Artists and elevate the standard of makeup artistry in the global trend.


Always work with a sense of responsibility and dedication to share professional knowledge and makeup skills to provide the best experience for customers and learners.

Vân Miu aspires to the goal that everyone can be beautiful, which is a practical perspective. It is not just the beauty that can be made beautiful!



Become a Master Makeup Artistry

Van Miu firmly believes that she must strive to be better than herself yesterday. Understanding that learning is never enough, especially when working in this highly competitive industry. If there is no difference and continuous upgrading, it will be eliminated very quickly.

Therefore, Van Miu makes daily efforts to continuously create, explore and learn more about the skills and knowledge of the profession in order to upgrade herself to become a Master Makeup Artistry in the near future.


Open a Master Class and travel to different places to teach.

In the upcoming time, Van Miu aims to organize Master Classes exclusively for those who love makeup or have the orientation to pursue this profession. In addition, Van Miu will share her entire journey and experience when it comes to makeup.

Van Miu also desires to tour many places and have the opportunity to meet and exchange with others about beauty/makeup. Furthermore, the Master Classes will be directly taught by Van Miu to provide valuable makeup skills and knowledge so that attendees can beautify themselves and others while inspiring young people with a passion for makeup.


Participating in and collaborating to provide Makeup Artists for projects.

Along with the development of our Makeup Training Center – Vanmiu Beauty. In the future, Van Miu aspires to expand and enhance the quality of teaching at the center to participate and represent collaboration to provide Makeup Artists for film, stage, game shows, events, and other projects.

This is also what Makeup Artist Van Miu intends to accomplish in her upcoming project.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

– Makeup Artist Vân Miu – CEO of Vanmiu Beauty Academy

According to the vote of Báo Mực Tím, Vanmiu Beauty is one of the top 3 reputable and quality personal and professional makeup training centers in Vietnam. If you are planning to learn makeup, you must refer to this center.

Vanmiu Beauty Personal and Professional Makeup Training Center.

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