Van Miu – The winner of the Beauty Icon category in the Tiktok FashUp 2021

With her talent in makeup and the technique of transforming into excellent characters, Van Miu surpassed 200 talented contestants to become the Champion at the TikTok FashUP 2021 (Beauty Icon category).

The judges of the competition are leading figures in the beauty and fashion industry, such as Ms. Tran Nguyen Thien Huong, the Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam magazine – the host of the program; Nam Trung, the creative director of Vietnam’s Next Top Model and The Face Vietnam, a makeup expert; Supermodel and Miss Universe Vietnam Minh Tu; Fashion designer Chung Thanh Phong, and Fashionista ” Co Em Trendy” – Khanh Linh.

The TikTok FashUP 2021 Competition

A New Platform for Beauty and Fashion Industry

TikTok FashUP 2021 is a campaign to find and honor talented content creators in the beauty & fashion field in Vietnam. Through this campaign, it is possible to inspire young people to be more confident in their own beauty, while encouraging the spread of positive content related to beauty and fashion at home.

Van Miu is one of four talented faces who won the competition in the Beauty Icon category. Each of Van Miu’s performances in the competition was highly praised for her deep expertise, “magical” makeup skills, and her special creative element.

Reasons why Van Miu joined the competition

The TikTok FashUp 2021

Van Miu believes that every competition she participates in is due to fate. Initially, Van Miu only wanted to register to participate in the Tiktok FashUp 2021 competition in the Beauty category because she wanted to test her skills in this new playground. In particular, Van Miu is a big fan of makeup expert Nam Trung.

Besides, Van Miu wanted to challenge herself with unique and strange elements. Not only stopping at the usual Makeup Beauty, but Van also brought “eye-catching” videos to the competition by transforming into various characters. This is a very new makeup theme in Vietnam, and it is also her unique character. She always wants to do new and different things to create differentiation.

Van Miu performs makeup at the final round of the Tiktok FashUp 2021.

Van Miu’s works shown through the various rounds

TikTok FashUp 2021

Round 1

In the first round, participants worked in groups. The topic Van Miu was accepted to create a makeup look with a warrior spirit. The time allotted for the completion of the task was limited to three days.

Round 2

For this round, the theme was to create a personal message video. Van Miu utilized her talent for makeup transformations to create a face that was half Buddha and half-demon, with the accompanying message that the heart decides whether one is a Buddha or a demon.

Round 3

In this round, each contestant directly modified their makeup to match different outfits that were provided by designer Ivan Tran. The participants recorded their entire performance using the TikTok platform, with the maximum duration of each video being 30 seconds.

Final Round

The style that Van Miu chose for the final round was the one that she was currently pursuing, which made it a challenging task for her.

After the completion of all rounds, Van Miu was highly praised by the judges for her excellent grasp of character traits and her ability to modify her facial features to create a more authentic and flawless appearance. Additionally, she was also commended for her expertise and creativity demonstrated in each round of the competition.

Becoming The Champion of the competition has left a significant mark on Van Miu’s career development journey!

Initially, when participating in TikTok FashUP 2021, Van Miu saw it as a milestone on her path of pursuing her passion, with a desire to receive candid feedback from the judges. This mindset helped her join the competition with a willingness to challenge herself and not be afraid of losing. Van Miu’s belief is that if one only focuses on the crown and not the process, one will not learn anything.

In the competition, Van Miu was not only fortunate to receive the title of Beauty Icon champion but also had the opportunity to meet new friends – young creators with the same passion for beauty and fashion. The experience from TikTok FashUP 2021 also helped a young girl like Van determine a new direction and confidently move forward with her passion.

Moreover, after TikTok FashUP 2021, the number of followers on Van Miu’s TikTok channel significantly increased. Van has a plan for a TikTok channel in the near future that will focus on makeup tutorials for people with many defects, helping them become more beautiful and confident.

Van Miu’s Difficulties and Advice

for Young People Pursuing a Career in Makeup

Van Miu strongly believes in the saying: “If you only focus on obtaining the crown without considering the process, you will not learn anything.”

Van has never been afraid of losing because the purpose of her participation is not to win. For Van Miu, this is a playground where she can immerse herself in makeup, express her passion, and learn more. Besides, she receives sincere feedback from the coaches to help her overcome her weaknesses and develop further. With Van Miu, one criticism is better than ten praises!

Difficulties in the Competition Process

To create a complete video, Van Miu spends a lot of time preparing. First, she comes up with a character idea and begins to adjust the proportion of her face compared to the character. From there, Van knows how much she needs to add or reduce on her face to match the character. In this step, Van Miu faces many difficulties because her face ratio is shot in the forehead and chin, and the width of her face is also narrow, so Van has to adjust the proportion carefully.

Not only that, the TikTok platform allows for short videos, but Van has to work for 4-6 hours to complete a standard entry. The TikTok FashUP 2021 competition requires contestants to be creative under time pressure. And Van Miu has overcome challenges to become the most deserving face in the category she participated in.

Advice for You

If you have identified your passion, try to conquer it, and don’t hesitate to challenge yourself to find your own strengths.

A true makeup artist will know how to correct and enhance the very natural flaws in human beings. Van wants to send a message to girls that “When you are confident with your body and yourself, you will become much more beautiful.”

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