Van Miu nominated as “Person of the Year” – VietNam Makeup Award 2019

Among numerous renowned names in the makeup artist community, Van Miu has been voted by a large number of makeup enthusiasts and leading beauty bloggers in Vietnam as “Person of the Year” at the VietNam Makeup Award 2019 event.

Vietnam Makeup Award 2019 – Honoring Makeup Talents

Vietnam Makeup Award 2019 introduces and honors makeup artists who have had significant impacts and contributions in the makeup category throughout the year. The event was initiated by Makeup Artist Quach Anh and was voted by makeup lovers and beauty bloggers in the “Makeup Junkie Vietnam” group.

Van Miu received the “Person of the Year” award – Viet Nam Makeup Award 2019.

Overcoming hundreds of other famous makeup talents, Van Miu was among the top 7 nominees with the highest number of votes and excellently won the nomination “Person of the Year”. Van Miu shared that she was delighted when she received the news that she had won the “Person of the Year – VietNam Makeup Award 2019“. Van Miu did not expect to receive so much love from the makeup community.

Van Miu has received much love from the makeup enthusiast community.

Most members of the group are makeup enthusiasts, including both experienced and novice makeup artists. They are passionate about their profession and always eager to learn from each other, supporting one another to develop their makeup career. Since the voting contest was initiated, many people have shown their enthusiasm. All makeup lovers participated in voting for their favorite makeup artist.

Event for voting persons with significant makeup contributions – VietNam Makeup Award 2019.

The talent and sincerity that win over the makeup community

Since the first tutorial video on basic makeup by Van Miu was shared on Youtube, her name “Vanmiu Beauty” quickly gained popularity among the community. Despite not participating in any formal makeup courses, Vazn Miu has relied on her self-taught experiences and curiosity in makeup for many years. Her instructional videos provide practical knowledge, and her step-by-step guidance is easy to understand and detailed, making it easy for many to follow.

Van Miu demonstrates how to apply foundation without creating a cakey appearance.

Moreover, Van Miu’s sincerity and humor in speaking and sharing quickly won viewers’ hearts. Those who watch her makeup videos feel inspired to enhance their own beauty with makeup or pursue their passion for makeup artistry.

Van Miu Beauty’s Youtube channel has more than 220K followers.

As of now, Van Miu Beauty’s Youtube channel has over 220K subscribers and more than 200 videos created by her. Additionally, some of her makeup tutorials have even become sources of entertainment, unexpectedly capturing the interests of many viewers. From there, Van Miu started to explore and learn more about costume makeup, expanding her knowledge and skills in this area.

Besides sharing makeup knowledge, Van Miu also tests her skills in transformation and artistic makeup.
Van Miu impressed the audience with her talent for creating terrifying horror makeup looks.


With recognition from the makeup-loving community and famous makeup artists, Van Miu’s relentless pursuit has been rightfully acknowledged. She feels encouraged to continue her long-term journey in makeup, staying true to her personality, passion, and confidence.

Makeup Artist Van Miu.

Unlike other formally trained makeup artists, Van started from scratch with her own love for makeup. To achieve her dream, she took determined actions, self-study, and persistent effort. If you share the same passion for makeup, no matter where you start, the important thing is whether you dare to live and pursue your dream or not.

Van also teaches professional makeup courses for students.

Don’t hesitate to contact Van Miu to share valuable experiences in makeup. You will learn a lot of useful knowledge and necessary skills to help you save time, and money as well as is more agile in seizing opportunities in this profession.

Wish you a life full of experiences and dedication to your makeup passion!

“To become a great makeup artist, you must constantly innovate, even when you reach the pinnacle of success. If you slow down even for a second, you will be left behind.”

Makeup Artist Van Miu

TOP 7 Nominees of the Vietnam Makeup Award 2019

1. Van Miu – FEMALE CONTRIBUTION of the year.

2. Ann Nguyen – DRAG QUEEN/MEN BEAUTY of the year.

3. Khang Nguyen & Nguyen Thi Bich Hoa – SPECIAL EFFECT/BODY PAINTING of the year.

4. Hoang Thach – PROMISING YOUNG ARTIST of the year.

5. Ty Quang Le – MALE CONTRIBUTION of the year.

6. Red ToBlack – EDUCATION INFLUENCER of the year.

7. Son Ha Dinh – MAKEUP BEAUTY of the year.

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