Van Miu – Beauty Tiktoker with over 1,2 million followers and countless viral makeup videos

Van Miu is the name being “storming” in the Vietnam Beauty Tiktoker community. With her extreme makeup talent in transforming into many different characters’ shapes and sizes, she has made her audience so surprise that she has attracted over 1.2 million followers on TikTok.

With her makeup technique, Beauty Tiktoker Van Miu has transformed into a completely different person

Van Miu is known as a “makeup witch” who has the ability to transform into many different characters just by applying makeup. In order to do the best in transformations, Van often meticulously studies the proportion of the face, considers every millimeter and adjusts her facial structure with blood products, silicone, liquid latex, gelatin, and professional makeup palettes. Van has to find out the difference between the proportion of her face and the character to altering features like noses, chins, jaws, teeth, and more to be closest to the overall face of the character.

Beauty Tiktoker Van Miu skillfully transforms into many different faces. If it is required to imitate an overbite, Van has to insert cotton wool into the upper jaw. If there is a character with single eyelids, Van has to use eyelid glue to create a single eyelid effect. Van also pays attention to other small details such as smiling lips, crow’s feet, moles, scars, tattoo, etc. And finally to complete the work Van tinkers with accessories and clothes to resemble the original. most object.

Van Miu has been creating viral contents on TikTok to catch up with the trend, moreover, lead the trend.

For the content on Tiktok to be attractive, Van Miu must create content that catches up with the hot trends. At the same time, Van always comes up with new and unique creative ideas to spread the makeup artistry to beauty lovers. Therefore, @vanmiu_beauty’s TikTok channel is more and more loved and has gained a big number of followers.

The success of an artist is receiving love and support by his/her audience. Van’s success is being loved and supported by many people that are inspiring by her talent. Even now, many students who are taking professional makeup courses at Vanmiu Beauty are “hard fans” of Van Miu.

Van Miu – Beauty Tiktoker with millions of views loves to challenge herself

Most of the time, Van does prosthetic makeup within 2 to 3 hours. But there are some characters that Van has to do 2 times to feel satisfied like artist Hoai Linh, Van has to spend 6 hours and more than 10 hours to transform into singer Jennie of Blackpink. But after every success when dressing up as each of the characters, Van feels very happy and has a lot of new experience.

When applying makeup to become the idols of many people, Van is also under a lot of pressure, always trying, carefully studying the details as well as the proportion of the face so that the overall transformation is perfectly performed. You just need to take a quick look to immediately recognize your idol when you see her photos.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”

Currently, students in professional makeup courses at Vanmiu Beauty have been trained in prosthetic makeup techniques, which is an advanced course in professional makeup. And in the near future, Van will open and directly teach Master Class sessions for those who love makeup and are oriented in this profession. Van wants to train a generation of good Makeup Artists specializing in makeup, working for film projects, stages, gameshows, events, etc.

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