Van Miu – Top 8 Mega Influencer with the biggest influence on the beauty industry in 2019

Van Miu is one of the most influential beauty influencers in the increasingly hot beauty industry. The creative content on Van Miu’s social platforms is always attractive to catch the trend and attract more than millions of followers. And is the name in the list of the top 8 Mega Influencers with the biggest influence on the beauty industry in 2019.

Van Miu was voted in the top 8 Mega Influencer with the biggest influence in the beauty industry in 2019

What does “Mega Influencer” mean?

Mega Influencer is a premium influencer because they have a huge number of followers on social media, usually more than 1 million followers.

For Van, makeup is an important part of her life. Van worked hard for many hours without feeling tired. Van always wants to create more beauty art values that inspire positive girls, eliminate self-doubt about facial defects, help women become more confident in life thanks to the “miracle” of makeup technology.

Van Miu often shares her knowledge of cosmetics and beauty secrets on social platforms such as youtube, tiktok, etc. Van teaches makeup techniques to help girls do their own makeup at home, skillfully covering imperfections. points on the face, highlighting the unique features of each person. Therefore, Vanmiu Beauty channel is attracting more and more followers, currently Vanmiu Beauty channel has achieved 220,000 subscribers on youtube and 1.2 million followers on tiktok . And Van Miu was voted in the top 8 Mega Influencers with the biggest influence on the beauty industry in 2019.

Van Miu in the top 8 Mega Influencers with great influence in the beauty industry 2019

1. Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc

2. Van Mai Huong

3. Diem My 9X

4. Bao Thy

5. Ngoc Trinh

6. Hari Won

7. Chi Pu

8. Van Miu

Van Miu shared: “There are no ugly women, only women who don’t know how to be beautiful”

Through the magic hands of Makeup Artist Van Miu, the girls seem to have completely changed with a new and more attractive look. This means a lot to girls. It brings joy, optimism in life, and at the same time brings more luck opportunities in your love and work.

“Follow your PASSION
& SUCCESS will follow you”

Passion and patience, dare to do dare to live with your own dreams. You just go and continue to develop yourself, success will come.

For students who are studying bridal makeup and professional makeup courses at Vanmiu Beauty, Van Miu directly teaches, shares experiences, and inspires her passion for makeup. As a passionate instructor, dedicated to guiding and correcting every little detail, from how to hold a makeup brush in the first lessons to when you are proficient in makeup.

The lessons are very methodically and intensively invested by Makeup Artist Van Miu. Van wants to directly “breathe” the passion for makeup to young people because it is passion that is the source of strength and energy to go to success.

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