Van Miu – Top 10 Macro Influencer with the biggest influence on the beauty industry in 2018

Van Miu- A famous makeup artist with the desire to inspire beauty to all women, especially girls with many defects on their faces, and is a lecturer who directly teaches Makeup courses. at Vanmiu Beauty.

1. Van Miu was voted in the top 10 most influential Macro Influencers in the beauty industry in 2018

Macro influencers are a group of influential influencers with about 500,000-1 million likes on each social media platform.

Van does not think that she has to do a job, but Van feels happy and happy when she is living in accordance with her own passion. Van is very passionate about the art of Makeup, loves to “play and play” with lipstick to find new ideas and layouts. Even some familiar everyday materials sometimes inspire Van to come up with new and unique makeup layout ideas.

Van always wants to inspire love of beauty and love of makeup so that any woman has the opportunity to be beautiful every time she goes out. Through makeup videos on Youtube via Vanmiu Beauty channel, Van Miu has detailed makeup instructions for many different makeup styles, beauty knowledge from basic to advanced so that girls can easily learn and do their own makeup at home.

Van regularly shares on facebook and youtube her knowledge and expertise in makeup that is highly applicable to women and is fortunate to receive more than 1 million likes and followers. After the efforts of Van Miu and your love and affection, Van Miu was included in the top 10 Macro Influencers with the biggest influence in the beauty industry in 2018. This is small, but it partly motivates Van to accompany and inspire Makeup art for beauty lovers in general and Vanmiu Beauty’s students in particular.

2. In addition to the knowledge and techniques of Makeup in the courses, Van Miu also shared marketing knowledge to create a personal brand to dispel the fear of unemployment among young people today

Currently, the psychology of young people or for those from outside the industry who want to study Makeup but have a lot of fears, “worried about not knowing how to price the service properly”, “worried about not knowing how to handle how to deal with unpleasant customers”, “worried about not knowing where to find customers”, “afraid of not having a job after finishing school”, “afraid of not knowing how to create a personal brand for people to know” ….

Understanding this, during the course of her studies, Van often shares her practical experience of doing her job with all her heart, instructing students on how to market and create a personal brand to be known by everyone for her own sake. have also been through this phase before.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

In the early stage of “charming” with makeup, Van tinkered with makeup and did not have the opportunity to attend any professional makeup training course because Van’s economic conditions were still difficult at that time. Even, Van had to borrow money to buy a camera to record videos by herself and learn to adjust lighting and techniques to create more attractive and attractive videos.

After constant efforts, Van Miu became a famous Beauty Blogger that was loved by more and more people and was fortunate to be in the top 10 Macro Influencer with the biggest influence in the beauty industry in 2018. Van Miu is able to cooperate with beauty brands in the world and build an increasingly famous personal brand, gradually gaining a foothold in the makeup world.

For Van Miu, there is no path to success that is paved with roses, so you need to work hard to overcome difficulties in the profession. If you want to shorten the path to glory in the Makeup profession, you need to be trained in professional makeup courses, be guided in marketing knowledge, create a well-known personal brand and Advice on future self-development.

Wish you success, burn with all your passion!

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