Van Miu Wins “The Best Artistry” Award at Mac 2018

In the contest The Best Artistry – Masquerade Party organized by Mac in 2018, Makeup Artist Van Miu excellently demonstrated her makeup skills by transforming into the evil witch in the cartoon “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” and was honored with The Best Artistry award.

Makeup Artist Van Miu shared that she enjoys creating makeup looks for unique, sophisticated, and fashion-forward villainous characters. The more challenging the character, the more creative inspiration and makeup artistry challenges it provides for her.

Van Miu transformed into the villainous character Cruella.

“One Hundred and One Dalmatians” is a famous animated movie by Walt Disney, released in 1961. The character Cruella is portrayed as wicked, and cruel, and becomes a threat to the lives of the dogs in London. The witch has black and white hair and wears a dalmatian fur coat and red gloves, making her one of the most iconic villains in cinema history.

The character of Cruella, the evil witch in “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”.

Due to her cruel personality towards the Dalmatian dogs, Van had to find a way to bring the character’s soul from the screen to life by portraying the insane temperament of Cruella. This was accomplished by drawing high-arched eyebrows, messy and unkempt hair, dark green eyeshadow with clear eyeliner, and dark red lipstick. The image of Cruella holding a long cigarette with smoke filled with “deathly energy” has become her trademark in this contest.

Van Miu’s Makeup Technique Receives High Praise from Judges

Van Miu shared that it is very difficult to create a real-life version of an animated character. Although it is impossible to achieve 100% similarity to the animated image because it is a drawing. But the makeup artist has to make the character’s shape nearly 80-90% and keep the soul of the character to be considered successful.

Although it was quite challenging, depicting the cartoon character Cruella could not pose a difficulty for Van Miu. With the strength of correcting flaws, editing facial proportions, and the ability to analyze the character’s facial features quickly. Van did not take too much time to build the image of the witch Cruella stepping out of the animation.

Van Miu successfully portrayed the cunning and malicious character of the witch Cruella.

The first step was to adjust the facial proportions, which Van Miu focused on. Techniques such as nose sculpting, chin augmentation, and cheekbone shaping were executed skillfully to match the character’s facial structure. To accomplish this technique, the makeup artist not only needs good makeup skills but also a deep understanding of facial features to bring the character to life and showcase the wickedness of the witches.

The next step involved precise drawing and makeup application, such as sharp eyeliner and dark smoky eye makeup to emphasize the large and menacing eyes; contouring to highlight the cold and sharp edges of the face.

The character Cruella was excellently portrayed by Makeup Artist Van Miu.

Van Miu also paid attention to the character’s fashion, making sure that the costume closely resembled the original. The black dress with a deep neckline and the fur coat highlighted the character’s femininity and power. The hair was disheveled, with black and white halves. This quickly earned high praise from the judges.

After two hours of meticulous work, the witch Cruella emerged with a hateful appearance and a heart full of revenge, just like in the cartoon. From the costume to the makeup style for the Cruella character, only three main colors were used: red, black, and white. However, Van combined these colors brilliantly to make the real-life version of the witch Cruella look extraordinary and outstanding.

The Cruella witch version created by Van Miu seemed to have stepped out of the cartoon.

Makeup artist Van Miu excelled in bringing out the characteristic allure of Cruella, with intense smoky eyes, porcelain-white skin, and a sharp and wicked face shape. The half-black, half-white hair, and red lips were crucial factors in portraying the character’s demeanor.

Van Miu’s talent was highly praised by the judges.
Van Miu won the “The Best Artistry” award at Mac 2018.
Van Miu and other makeup artists participated in the competition “The Best Artistry” at Mac 2018.

As a person with a great passion and love for makeup, the “The Best Artistry” award not only fulfilled Van Miu’s desire for creativity in the makeup field but also contributed to her becoming more noticed. She has become a frequent partner for the Mac brand and other famous brands, demonstrating her creative makeup skills.

“The person you should be better than tomorrow is yourself today. Live, experience, and devote yourself to your passion.”

Makeup Artist Van Miu
Makeup Artist – Van Miu

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