Van Miu nominated as “Person of the Year” – VietNam Makeup Award 2019

Among numerous renowned names in the makeup artist community, Van Miu has been voted by a large number of makeup enthusiasts and leading beauty bloggers in Vietnam as “Person of the Year” at the VietNam Makeup Award 2019 event. Vietnam Makeup Award 2019 – Honoring Makeup Talents Vietnam Makeup Award 2019 introduces and honors makeup … Read more

Van Miu – The winner of the Beauty Icon category in the Tiktok FashUp 2021

With her talent in makeup and the technique of transforming into excellent characters, Van Miu surpassed 200 talented contestants to become the Champion at the TikTok FashUP 2021 (Beauty Icon category). Van Miu’s works shown through the various rounds TikTok FashUp 2021 After the completion of all rounds, Van Miu was highly praised by the … Read more