Best Lipstick Palette for Every Skin Tone


When it comes to make a decision choosing the best lipstick to wear, let’s face it, there are plenty of choices and the truth is, not all shades complement every skin tone. The general guidelines suggest that the darker your complexion, the darker lip shade you can support. The casual choices for people with pale skin are nude colors like pink or peach to flatter their looks, while people with medium to olive skin tones will look great wearing berry or coral shades, and people with darker skin may want to wear deep red color as their safest options.

My complexion is somewhat between medium to olive. For me, it is not easy to find the right lipstick shade that will look fabulous on my lips. I always end up trying as many colors as possible just to find the “right one”.

To help me (and all of you) find the best lipstick color to wear in certain occasion, I made this printable lipstick guide that you can print at home and use it as your make up guide or ideas. I’ve put together lipstick color chart with every occasion, including which complexions they work best for.

I personally like to make and collect useful article with helpful illustration and use it as my source of inspiration or just simply a helper. For make up guide like this, I just print it and insert it in my planner so every time I wonder what color/look I should wear, I just open my planner and find bunch of options that I like. It’s like non-digital version of Pinterest, but won’t need Wi-Fi connection.

Anyway, this is just my personal choices of what I think will look great and suitable for each occasion. Remember to always test colors against your skin before you make a decision.

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