Best Mascara for Your Lashes

Ladies and gents, let’s be ultra grateful that we now have best mascara that is usually comprised of pigmentation, oils and wax. Ingredients vary from brand to brand, but these three ingredients are the standard base. And in order to celebrate this beautiful invention that women had to strain over, we’ve compiled a list of our absolute faves! If you want sumptuous lashes then check out our list of amazing mascaras below:

1.1. They’re Real:

They’re Real mascara does a great job to separate, volumize and hold a curl. And in terms of length, boy do your lashes extend. It does apply very thickly, so if you have an issue with taking time to remove makeup this may not be right for you.


1.2. Bobbi Brown:

If you love that even spread of mascara across the lashes then Bobbi Brown may be right for you. Talk about steadfast longevity. This mascara is totally waterproof and perseveres on those lashes all day! Just a minor word of caution, it has been reported to smudge, so if you tend to rub your eyes be ultra careful!


1.3. Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara:

The brush on this Colossal Volume Express is on point. It achieves to volumize the lashes, but using a curler beforehand is definitely going to improve the end result. Use this and say bye to clumps and hello to separation. Each lash is certainly defined when you use this.


1.4. NARS Larger than Life Volumizing Mascara:

The great thing about NARS is that if you would like to define your lashes, but not weigh them down, you totally can! If the natural look works for you (which it does for anyone) and want your lashes to look full yet not saturated in mascara then this is the maccara for you.


1.5. Better Than Sex:

This paraben free mascara is inspired by the hourglass shape of a woman’s body. The stiff bristles enhance its performance, which create a beautiful multidimensionality no one can resist. With two coats layered on you will have deep dark lashes in no time.


1.6. Diorshow Mascara:

Diorshow definitely provides quite the show. If you seek plush glam lashes then this mascara is right for you! Have the look of a Dior runway model with this creamy buildable base. People will even ask if you have false lashes! There is no room for clumping or smudging here, so celebrate the drama and go big with Diorshow!


1.7. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Two Tone Eye Opening Mascara:

It’s all about contrasting lashes to really achieve a wide-eyed look! The two distinct brushes come in contrasting shades, rich black, blue brown or plum. One end of the tube has a large brush to lengthen and smoothen the voluminous look of your lashes. The double brush and black and brown make for a wide-eyed appearance.


1.8. Lancome Définicils:

If you’re about the defined, shaped  lashes that are enhanced and separated Définicils may be your new best friend. Each lash becomes patented from base to tip and unquestionable lengthens!


1.9. Tom Ford Ultra Length Mascara:

This mascara is meant to withstand humudity and high temperatures while covering your lashes in a super black coat. It will stay put for hours on end and make for noticeably fuller, sillhouette.

best-mascara1.10. Mac False Lash Mascara:

For those of us who love to glam it up and have fake looking, yet very real lashes, this is a one way ticket just for you. Volume and curl are really amplified and make for dramatic eyes with the help of this false lash mascara.


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