17 Great Eyeliner Tips For Makeup Junkies

Every makeup junkie should know these incredible eyeliner tips! Eyeliner is such a major part of our beauty routine, and the perfect wing is the icing on the cake. Here’s a compilation of eyeliner hacks and tricks just for you!

These Eyeliner Tips Will Change Your Life

When I was starting out as a makeup artist, lining the eye was a major challenge personally and professionally. I had to keep practicing on myself and eventually, I had to push myself to get better at liner application on different people with different eye shapes and challenges. So I think it’s awesome that there’s a lot of available liner tutorials online to help you achieve different eye looks with different eyeliner tips, because let’s face it, liner is life. But to make your life easier, I’ve compiled a list of the best eyeliner tips that you should take note of. Let’s start!

1. Rimming The Waterline

This is one of the oldest liner hacks out there, yet not a lot of people use it, so I feel it necessary to include in this list. This trick keeps your eyeliner in place for hours, without smudging or running.

2. White Liner as Shadow Base

A white eyeliner can be used as an eyeshadow base to really make eyeshadow pigments pop on the eye. A creamier consistency also gives the pigment more hold, thereby affecting how it will wear throughout the day.

3. Triple Winged Eyeliner

Sometimes a simple eyeliner work just won’t do the trick, this graphic eyeliner tip gives you an avant-garde look that you can still wear without looking too weird. I’m about to try this one myself, so go ahead and see how this suits you.

4. Scotch Tape Trick for Liquid Liners

This eyeliner hack is an age-old trick that truly works. Remember to take out the stickiness of the tape by first sticking it on your hand so it won’t tug on your delicate eye area. Find out how you can use this simple household supply to good use with your makeup routine.

5. From Pencil to Liquid

Here’s a trick I personally use, I line my eyes with a pencil liner around the lash line, most days I create just a little wing tip to create an almond-shaped eye. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this point because I follow it up with a liquid liner on top and softly blend out the edges of the pencil liner. By doing this, I’m creating a guide for the liquid liner and creating a soft smokey edge to the eyeliner look.

6. Easiest Eyeliner Trick

This eyeliner hack is really easy to do, it gives you the best hack to create a sophisticated smokey eye look with just an eyeliner and a bronze eyeshadow, quite honestly, is the easiest eyeliner trick out there. Just line your eye with liquid liner and then swipe a creamy bronze shadow and blend the edges. Voila! an easy, smokey eye look in a little over 1 minute.

7. Colored Ombre Pastel liner

Afraid you’ll look like a child when wearing colored eyeliner, I wouldn’t worry about it, makeup is supposed to be fun. Besides, don’t we all want to look young?

8. Dropped liner Trick 

This is a stylish look to wear every day. A dropped eyeliner is when you bring the base of the wing slightly below the upper lash line going into the wing tip. Take note that this look requires for a more rounded tip at the end of the winged liner so don’t worry about keeping the tip sharp. Just make sure that it looks clean.

9. Perfect Cat Eye liner 




Every woman must know how to make the basic winged cat eye. It is simply such a beautiful, feminine, flirty look that creates such a strong statement for anyone. Learn how you can a sexy cat liner and more with this tutorial on this page.

10. Two Toned Winged Eyeliner

This liner hack is anything but boring. By using two colored liners, you can create a fun look that’s perfect for spring or summer. But if you use darker colors like plums and blues, I’m sure this is something you can pull off for fall and winter as well.

11. Bigger Eye with White Liner

This liner hack works on anyone. Whether you already have big eyes or if you have smaller, Asian eyes, this hack creates a bright and bigger looking eye that helps you look more awake. It does this by creating an illusion that the lower lash line is an extension of the white part of the eye, making the eye appear bigger and wide awake.

12. DIY Gel Liner Say what?

We are all for beauty on a budget so I’m excited to share this DIY makeup project with you. This eyeliner hack creates a gel liner consistency using pencil liner, making application easier and creamier.

13. Upside Down Cat Eye

A cat eye look can also be achieved by lining your lower lash instead of your lid, this is one of the more complicated things to do in terms and this beauty hack definitely needs a careful study.

14. Open Liner

ut it’s totally worth it. Take time to practice this eyeliner hack and you’ll look like you just got off the runway. It’s a typical cat liner only you have to do it on your lower lash line as well.

15. White Eyeliner

This liner hack is more of a trick and it’s beautifully subtle, give your peepers a different look by using a white or a nude liner and brighten up your face with such an unexpected element.

16. Thin Liner

Eyeliners don’t have to be thick all the time, created a defined eye look by running a thin line of on your lash line. This liner requires precision. So learn the technique and practice, practice, practice!

17. Glitter Liner

Does glitter eyes intimidate you? Not anymore! Be the life of the party when you wear this colorful liner hack, learn to put on glitter in just the right place.


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