The Only Holiday Makeup Tutorials You’ll Need

The holidays makeup are great for so many reasons — the comfiest fashion, the greatest food, gift giving, and endless, scrumptiously flavored lattes. But the real wintertime winner is makeup. If you’re ready to get festive, here are 12holiday makeup tutorials that’ll get you in a festive mood in no time. Bring out the eggnog!

Generally, holiday makeup follows a specific recipe for glamour greatness. A typical wintertime, holiday-appropriate look goes something like this: a jet black, winged cat eye over a shimmering, all over eyes shadow with a beaming, golden highlight, thick false lashes, and a bold, cool-toned red lip. Whew. That’s a lot of makeup, a lot of time, and a lot of product. But ‘tis the season, right?


Holiday Makeup Tutorials


This is the universal look for good reason. It looks great on every skin tone, it’s achievable with all drugstore products, and it’s appropriate for every event, from dinner with family to the office party. Also, neutral to cool-toned red lips look great on everyone, and shimmering shadows are just plain fun. If you can master this look, you can pretty much do it all when it comes to makeup. Promise.

Every year, my favorite YouTube beauty vloggers release their holiday glam tutorials. While most adhere to the same formula, it’s nice to see all the subtly different interpretations of this classic look.


1. Laura Lee’s Holiday Tutorial:

A monochromatic, deep burgundy take on the classic holiday looks. You can always switch it up by going all matte.

Laura Lee’s Holiday Makeup Tutorial

2. Jaclyn Hill’s Soft Glam Holiday Tutorial:

This is a really girly look that is soft enough to wear to the office Christmas party. You can always amp it up by applying liner, or tone it down with a nude lip.

Jaclyn Hill’s Soft Glam Holiday Makeup Tutorial

3. Casey Holmes Holiday Tutorial:

If you want to look festive but are in a rush, this tutorial is for you. Winter is the one time everyone can embrace glitter and frosty formulas.

Casey Holmes Holiday Tutorial

4. BeautyBird’s Warm Holiday Makeup Tutorial: 

I love this warm makeup look, especially for a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving gathering.

BeautyBird’s Warm Holiday Makeup Tutorial

5. NikkiTutorial’s Soft Glam Holiday Tutorial:

A soft pink eye is reminiscent of candy canes and sugar plums. It’s a super flirty, feminine look that isn’t a ton of look.

NikkiTutorial’s Soft Glam Holiday Tutorial

6. Patrick Starrr & Manny MUA’s Holiday Tutorial: 

Patrick Starrr has some roots in drag, so don’t expect him to play coy with makeup, especially during the holidays!

Patrick Starrr & Manny MUA’s Holiday Tutorial

7. Kathleen Light’s Thanksgiving Tutorial:

Another look that is perfect for Thanksgiving and really any time during the colder months. We’ll miss these colors when spring rolls back around.

Kathleen Light’s Thanksgiving Tutorial

8. Myra Touch of Glam Drugstore Makeup Tutorial:

Golden, warm eyes are a great way to warm up the face and feel bronzed during the winter months.

Myra Touch of Glam Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

9. Nicole Guerriero’s Holiday Party Look:

Green can be intimidating, but this tutorial walks you through working with this wacky color.

Nicole Guerriero’s Holiday Party Look

10. Kathleen Light’s Golden Thanksgiving Tutorial:

Kathleen is the queen of warm tones, and her product suggestions are always on point.

Kathleen Light’s Golden Thanksgiving Tutorial

11. Manny MUA’s Red & Green Makeup Tutorial:

I love this literal take on holiday decorations. Surprisingly, the combination looks great in makeup form.

Manny MUA’s Red & Green Makeup Tutorial

12. Shaaanxo’s Icy Snow Christmas Look:

This is a great look that still has the light, airy feel of spring and summer makeup.

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Youtube Channel about Makeup: Vanmiu Makeup

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