How To Do Your Own Eyebrows Like A Pro

Want to learn how to do your own eyebrows? You don’t need to be a pro to be able to reshape and fill your brows.

How To Do Your Own Eyebrows Like A Pro

Want to know simple ways to have naturally shaped brows? Then look no further!

As always, we love to make make your life easier. With this beautiful makeup hack, you can do your own eyebrows like a PRO! Just follow the steps, and Voila! You’ll be able to show off those professionally made brows. We’ve got the perfect eyebrow shaping tutorial right here. Keep reading for tips and the best products to use. First, check out the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1.

With a brow brush slightly brush the eyebrows upwards and across.




Step 2.

Use a Matte shadow palette to fill in your eyebrows (Choose a color that will match or near your hair color).


shadow paletteshadow palette


Step 3.

Find the start of your eyebrows – place the brush at the edge of your nose straight up to your eyebrows.




Step 4.

Use an angled brush and start lining your brows making it thicker at the front and thinner as you go on. (Then work the same to the other brow).


start lining


Step 5.

Find the arch of your brows – Angle the brush from the edge of your nose angling it upwards lining with the outer part of the pupil.




Step 6.

Carve an arch right above the eye socket.


the eye socket.


Step 7.

Find where your brows should end – from the end of your nose line it towards the outer corner of your eye.




Step 8.

Darken the arch of your brows towards the end and do the same to the other brow.




Step 9.

Use concealer with a flat brush to clean out any uneven lines under or above your brows.





  1. Eyebrow powder is preferred over an eyebrow pencil because it blends well with the hair making it look softer and more natural. T
  2. Hicker eyebrows give a younger look.
  3. Concealer gives that perfect full brows look.

Products used in this makeup tutorial:

  • Balm ‘Meet Matte ‘ Eyeshadow Palette
  • Make-up Forever Concealer
  • Soho Double Ended Eyeliner Brush

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