Perfect Eyeliner Application | What Is Your Desired Effect?

Want to learn the perfect eyeliner application?

This detailed guide will help you achieve your most desired effect, be it winged, smudged or precise.

Perfect Eyeliner Application | The Best Brushes To Use For Each Effect

We all have that friend that always has a flawless cat eye. But when we try it ourselves, we can never get it as perfect. It’s either we perfect the left eye and mess up the right eye, or overdo it on both eyes and end up looking like a panda. The thing is, eyeliner is one of the more difficult makeup techniques to master.

What most do not understand is, in achieving the perfect eyeliner application – it’s not just about having the right eyeliner and technique, but also having the right application tools to help you. Sephora and Ulta offer complete sets of eye application tools to get you started, or you can check out Sonia Kashuk brushes at your local Target for quality brushes with a low price tag.

The infographic below showcases the different eyeliner brushes you can use for each type of eyeliner.







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