The Perfect Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Ever wondered how Egyptians lined their eyes? Or what women in India and the Middle East use to get that perfect, smudgy black eyeliner? The answer is kohl.

Even with the many jet-black eyeliners on the market, it’s hard to let go of kohl. It’s more than just makeup, people; we feel a spiritual connection with kohl that liquid and gel just can’t give us. For us, kohl symbolizes more than just perfect-looking eye makeup, it symbolizes the history of makeup.

everyday smokey kohl

Our featured makeup tutorial will teach you how to do the ultimate smokey eye using kohl. While this smokey eye is more rock and roll than sophisticated chic, it’s a fun look we’re sure you’ll love trying.

Step 1 – Smokey Makeup Tutorial

First mix your kohl powder with castor oil. After doing this, use a thick stick as an applicator and apply on your waterline the same way you would apply normal eyeliner.

Mix your kohl powder with castor oil

Also apply it on the upper lash line and inner waterline.

Pro Tip: If your kohl mixture feels dry, slowly add water until it’s a consistency you can work with.

Step 2 – Smokey Makeup Tutorial

If you’re having a hard time getting the perfect lines, use an eyeliner brush for application.

Step 3 – Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Thicken the line with an eyeshadow brush.

eyeshadow brush

Step 4 – Smokey Makeup Tutorial

If you want more color in your smokey eyes, use a modern kohl powder and apply with an eyeshadow brush.

Step 5 – Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Use the traditional kohl as your mascara and apply on the roots of the upper eyelashes. There’s no need to apply this on the bottom.

Smokey Kohl Makeup Tutorial

Step 6 – Smokey Makeup Tutorial

inish off with modern mascara to get those lashes looking full and thick. Thicken the lashes to complete the ultimate smokey kohl eyes.


modern mascara


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