Top Beauty Secrets of Girls Who Always Have On-Point Makeup

You know those girls. The girls whose brow shaping, eye makeup, foundation and lipstick game look so perfect that you’d swear they consulted a glam squad before snapping that perfectly lit selfie. Girls whose highlighter and bronzer appear just as bold in real life as they would on YouTube, and those ladies who could stop traffic with a wink of their immaculately lined cat eyes. We’re breaking down the top secrets that girls with perfect makeup live by, so take note. Get ready for a no-fail guide to making sure that your makeup is always — and we do mean ALWAYS — on-point.

Know Your Face

Knowing what works for your skin type, face shape and complexion is essential to having makeup that looks flawless, every time. It’s totally okay to be inspired by a makeup look or trend, but you’ll get the results you really want if you tweak or conform the look to complement — not hide — your gorgeous features.

Beauty Secrets

Test Your Lighting

After you’ve applied your makeup for the day, step away from your vanity or bathroom lighting and into natural lighting to make sure that your makeup is blended and placed perfectly before heading out. You’re guaranteed to see a line that needs buffing or a smudge that needs to be smoothed out, so give it a try!

Always Use Primer

We’ve already touted the benefits of applying skin, eye and lip primer … and we’re going to say it again. Primer is seriously a non-negotiable if you want your makeup to appear smoother and last longer.

Line Your Lips

If there’s one thing that girls with perfect makeup know, it’s that lipstick is essential to a pretty face. Well-defined lips can drastically change your look, and a good lip liner can accentuate your pout and ensure that your favorite lippie stays put.

Invest in Brushes

Every wonder why beauty bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers always seem to use dozens of makeup brushes for one look? That’s because the quality of makeup brushes and the way you use them can take a makeup look from amateur to amazing. Using the appropriate brushes for applying foundation, contouring and eye shadow makes a big difference in your final look, so invest in the best to look your best.

Take Your Time

Blending makeup, particularly eye shadow, takes time. Gorgeous eye shadow looks can be done with one shadow or with multiples, but the looks that always turn heads are the ones that take time and genuine effort. Don’t rush the process.

Don’t Skip the Setting Spray

Want to know why girls with perfect makeup tend to look good all day and night? In addition to having the right makeup on hand to do touch-ups when necessary, they also never skip the setting spray. Designed to keep makeup from absorbing into your skin (and from melting from your face), setting sprays like L’Oréal Paris Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray keep all of your hard work in place.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like all good skills worth learning, mastering makeup takes time. As much as we’d love to be beauty experts overnight, makeup doesn’t really work that way. The only way to improve is to practice, so play with colors, textures and products until you find what products and techniques work for you.

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