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Van Miu – Beauty Tiktoker with over 1,2 million followers and countless viral makeup videos

Van Miu is a name that makes a splash in the Vietnam Beauty Tiktoker community. With her extreme makeup talent that transforms into many different shapes and sizes, she has led viewers’ emotions from surprise to surprise and has attracted 1.2 million followers on the Tiktok platform. With her makeup technique, Beauty Tiktoker Van Miu … Read more

Van Miu – TOP 9 Beauty Expo 2019 Stars

Van Miu Beauty was in the Top 9 best contestants in the Makeup Transformation contest organized by Ngoisao.net. Van Miu showed an impressive Thai cultural makeup on the stage of Ngoisao Beauty Expo on the evening of October 5, 2019, especially the elephant hair shaping part was greatly enjoyed by makeup artist Hung Vanngo. Van … Read more

Van Miu – Top 8 Mega Influencer with the biggest influence on the beauty industry in 2019

Van Miu is one of the most influential beauty influencers in the increasingly hot beauty industry. The creative content on Van Miu’s social platforms is always attractive to catch the trend and attract more than millions of followers. And is the name in the list of the top 8 Mega Influencers with the biggest influence … Read more

Van Miu nominated as “Person of the Year” – VietNam Makeup Award 2019

Among numerous renowned names in the makeup artist community, Van Miu has been voted by a large number of makeup enthusiasts and leading beauty bloggers in Vietnam as “Person of the Year” at the VietNam Makeup Award 2019 event. Vietnam Makeup Award 2019 – Honoring Makeup Talents Vietnam Makeup Award 2019 introduces and honors makeup … Read more

Van Miu – The winner of the Beauty Icon category in the Tiktok FashUp 2021

With her talent in makeup and the technique of transforming into excellent characters, Van Miu surpassed 200 talented contestants to become the Champion at the TikTok FashUP 2021 (Beauty Icon category). Van Miu’s works shown through the various rounds TikTok FashUp 2021 After the completion of all rounds, Van Miu was highly praised by the … Read more


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